Server regulations:

  • All registered users of GlobalMU server must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules prohibits the use of the site and forum, and living in the world of GlobalMU.
  • All accounts, characters, game items, and committed actions (gameplay) are the exclusive property of the server and are protected by copyright and are intellectual property.
  • Sale of anything for real money and virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of characters is forbidden. For violation of this rule, you will receive a warning or an instant block of accounts of buyer and seller.
  • Server Administration provides a lifetime guarantee for your accounts, achievements, characters, and their accomplishments. The rules and procedure of return can be read here.
  • Purchase of valuable items from other players is allowed at your own risk. The administration ensures the complete safety of only those items and services that you purchased at our online shop.
  • Administration is not tolerant of perjury by players. Any player who bears false witness will be warned or receive a block to all their accounts, characters, and forum access.
  • You can report all violations and violators here.

Any administration decision is fair and competent.

Relations with administration:

  • Disrespectful attitude toward the server staff and server itself is forbidden.

Penalty: Block of account for 7 days.

  • Threats against server staff and server itself are forbidden.

Penalty: Block of account for 7 days.

Using restricted software:

2.1. It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of program for automation processes, which gives you bonuses, achievement points, and any other personal gain.

Penalty: Block of account from 7 days to permanent block.

2.2. It is forbidden to use Speedhack, Hithack, and other serious cheat programs.

Penalty: Block of account from 30 days to permanent block.

3. Exploiting server bugs and weaknesses:

3.1. It is forbidden to use server errors (bugs) for personal benefits. By error means any actions not provided by gameplay and aimed at personal benefits.

It is forbidden to use any programs for game hacking and changing game files for personal benefits.

Explanation: It is allowed to modify game client files to increase your computer’s performance by completely or partially removing certain animations, objects, effects, or items. However, it is forbidden to change the visual appearance of these things to gain an advantage in fights. It is also forbidden to visually change any elements of the interface which might give you an advantage in fight situations. Increasing the performance of your computer does not count as an advantage.

Penalty: Block of account from 7 days to permanent block.

Note: By bugs also means using for personal benefits ALT+F4 combination and “switch character” (mainly used so you could not be killed or if after you have killed, not to run from far away) and walk through characters with help of Horn of Uniria or warp to inadmissible locations.

Note 2: To create a topic on this rule, a video is required, where usage of cheat or switch is clearly visible.

3.2. If you have found a new bug, report it immediately to the administration on the forum.

4. Gameplay:

4.1. Incitement of ethnic hatred between players is forbidden.

Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account or block of account for a period of 7 days.

4.2. Humiliation of players and the use of obscene language or flood (posting the same message more than 3 times in a short period).

Penalty: Chat ban on characters on the account

or block of Character + Account for a period of 24 hours * number of violations.

Note: Abuses like – dumb, noob, etc. will not be reviewed.

4.3. It is forbidden to mention relatives and family in verbal altercations, in any context, and interpretation.

Penalty: Chat ban on the account for a period of 3 days.

4.4. Advertisement of other game servers is forbidden.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 30 days, but also could be a permanent block.

4.5. It is forbidden to interfere with Game Master during events.

Penalty: Block of account for 1 hour.

4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days.

4.7. Threatening in real life.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days.

4.8. It is forbidden to keep breaking the rules from other characters if your main character has already been chat banned.

Penalty: Ban of accounts (twink and main) for 3 days.

4.9. In Team Deathmatch event, it is prohibited to be inactive, as well as dishonest ways to get points are forbidden (giveaway, agreements, playing in 2 game windows, etc.).

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days.

Note: Inactivity is classified when your character stays at the same place for more than 30 seconds. When recording a video, this point must be clearly visible.

4.10. During Castle Siege, Guild master of the attacking (guild or alliance) can’t take the crown switches. He can only hold the main crown. Players from different alliances can’t be in one party with their enemy.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 14 days.

4.11. Prohibited all scams that intentionally influence guild siege buff.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days for each guild member, involved in scams.

4.12. It is forbidden to use alt+F4 (or any other game-closing option) in Kalima maps if you have been attacked by someone and the Self-defense mode has been activated.

Note: After the character’s disappearance, the attacker should write a private message to the disappeared player, so on the video, there could be seen a system message “No users” (person went offline).

Note 2: Ban will be applied if the account went offline and appeared online during the first hour after logout.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days.

4.13. If a person doesn’t fulfill their part of the contractual deal, they will be banned for breaking this rule.

Penalty: Permanent ban (of main and account with items/bonuses of a victim).

Note: It is possible to get rid of the ban in 21 days in case of the return of items to the victim and fulfilling all the conditions of the contractual deal.

4.14. If more than one person has access to the email of the account, the account will be blocked. The account will be blocked until the moment when access to the email will be only for one person.

Penalty: Block of account until the problem is solved.

4.15. It is forbidden to create character nicknames with obscene language or any humiliation words.

Note: Requests on this rule will be processed only if the nickname is visible on a screenshot from the game.

Penalty: Block of account until the problem is solved.

4.16. It is forbidden to create characters with nicknames that are similar or the same as the ones that administration or senate members are using in the current moment.


alty: Block of account until the problem is solved.

4.17. Voting and achievements gain exploiting – earning excess bonuses with voting from multiple (3 and more) accounts or earning only particular achievements. We have a working principle – 1 player – 1 vote.

Note: Bearing in mind that players sometimes play for 2 accounts at the same time, the players have rights to earn achievements and vote for both accounts. The administration can check the second account for its activities. If the second account’s only activity is voting each day or earning a particular achievement, then this kind of account can be viewed as a tool for bonus/voting exploiting.

Penalty: Block of account until the problem is solved.

4.18. Malicious sabotage of the interests of the server and its players.

Explanation: You purposely and regularly provoke other players to violate rules of the server, and then create reports about them in prison, in order to ban them.

Note: This rule will be applied as a last resort if requests to moderate their steam will not be heard. For the first time, a warning will be issued, then followed by punishment with all severity. To make a topic on this rule, proof of multiple violations of our rules should be provided.

Explanation 2: You scam other players, make deals with them out of contractual and warranty deals legal field.

Note 2: For the first time, a warning will be issued, then followed by punishment with all severity.

Explanation 3: You purposely and regularly provoke, insult, humiliate other players, creating an unfriendly atmosphere on the server.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 7 days.

4.19. Crafting fake screenshots or misleading server administration in any way is forbidden.

Penalty: Block of account for a period of 30 days.

4.20. To prevent questionable and unsecure deals, when receiving complaints during selective revisions, we have the right to request detailed information on any deal that was made through the game or website. The purpose of that is to fight the black market and protect players from various machinations.

Penalty: Block of items and accounts, or their temporal or permanent confiscation until all details clarification.

4.21. It is forbidden to make use of dummy guilds on Castle Siege. Dummy guild is created specially to participate in Castle Siege and prevent another side from changing the outcome of the siege. Dummy guild consists of “twinks”, secondary characters of guild members, participating in siege.

Penalty: Block of twink character owners for 14 days.

4.22. It is forbidden to use freeze and unfreeze skills on the crown for the alliance (guild) that does not have a switch under control.

Penalty: Account block for 14 days.

4.23. Any explicit agreements between guilds, participating in the first Castle Siege (excluding alliances) are forbidden.

Note: Decision will be made by examining provided evidence.

Penalty: Victim side takes over the castle ownership.

4.24. Stream Sniping is prohibited – harassing a player who is broadcasting on purpose or disrupting events held on the broadcast.

Penalty: Account block for 3 days.

Additional Information:

You can find ban reasons in the Prison Yard section.

Punishment time is increasing depending on the violations number of a specific rule paragraph.

Example: the term of punishment * by the number of punishments.

There is a possibility of getting out of prison for bonuses. The cost of bail depends on the duration of your ban, the system determines it automatically. To see the cost of your bail, you need to log in to the website using your account.

There are situations in which Game Masters make decisions based not on rules but on norms of communication and the scenery.

Administrator can add additional ban time at his own discretion.